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My name is Ryan, I’m the owner and CEO of the Kestrel Co, and the Kestrel accelerator.

We are a dev shop based out of Missouri, right outside of St Louis with 15 years of experience in building, designing and developing websites. Hundreds to thousands of successful projects completed in partnership with creative, branding, and marketing agencies across the country

Experienced team that understands what clients need from their developers and design process. Perfectly situated to help teach others about website development, and that’s why we’re all here.

So, what can you expect from this program?

After signing up, an invitation to our Kestrel accelerator slack will be sent within 24 hours to your email inbox. Slack is used as a primary communication platform outside of live time.

Sign up for that once you’re there!

If you have any questions regarding the platform, send a private message to Support in Slack. All you have to do is go to your direct messages, you’ll find somebody named Support. Participants can also direct questions about billing and other matters as well.

Bookmark the site for easy access and logging in to participate in different modules of course. Each week will include assignments that need to be completed within the module time frame. That’s part of the certification and part of our job references that you track with us. Doing this doesn’t necessarily require full-time commitment as most participants may be doing other things while taking part in this program.

Once a week we’ll have a google meet call early in the week where we will walk you through the new topic that we’re covering and kind of teach and demonstrate to you those topics. Attendance at this call is mandatory.
Later in the same week, another weekly call will be held that serves as a live Q&A session for participants to have an opportunity to ask questions or discuss issues seen on Slack. In addition, each participant will have monthly check-in meetings with their dev mentor. Calendar invites for these meetings are sent via email.

Prerequisites for each learning video must be completed before joining the learning call. We have set the accelerator up, so modules for upcoming weeks are not accessible until they have been unlocked at the start of each week. The course must take three months to complete, discouraging rushing through it in a couple of days. It has to take three months.

The course is structured in a way that prevents participants from rushing through, not getting the material deeply ingrained and you might miss a chance to run into actual questions and have to get familiar enough with each product. As weeks progress, more modules will be unlocked. Participants may have questions as they advance.